Suzie Sunshine - Certified Happiness Life Coach

I’ve always been drawn to colour.

As vibrational beings, we resonate with different colours at different times in our lives.

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My mission is to help others believe in themselves...something that I to have had to learn. Life is for living, loving, enjoying, and being happy; however, because of past conditioning and experiences, we believe we do not deserve to be happy. I am here to show you the way to love your life and to feel happy so that you can create a brighter and better future.

My Story

I was homeless at 17, my choice. I was fed up with the physical and mental abuse. I lived in a shelter for women and children who suffered from domestic violence. I had failed so many times in my head before starting my own business. Several years ago I had some therapy, which really helped me. It was actually my therapist who suggested that I become a life coach.

I'm Compassionate

Did I really believe that I could find happiness after the trauma of my past and my anxiety for the future? You bet I did. I have been happily married for 23 years and have two handsome sons who mean the world to me. Life doesn’t have to be hard. Yes you will still face challenges. I know techniques for resolving them faster... I love to problem solve.

I am Qualified

I have worked in the mental health field for the past ten years. I've supported and mentored disadvantaged teens, working with them in the area of life skills and suicide ideation. I’ve worked with survivors of domestic abuse aged between five and twenty-five. Now I'm running my own business empowering and uplifting others.

I am Suzie Sunshine
Certified Happiness Life Coach

As a Certified Happiness Life Coach for trauma survivors and victims of domestic violence, I empower my clients to feel free in their lives and know that they are ENOUGH!. I am the author of YOU ARE ENOUGH * JUST BE YOU!: Why? Because I Believe in YOU!

Initially, because of my past conditioning and experiences of abuse, I believed I didn’t deserve to be happy. Now I run my own business uplifting, motivating, and inspiring people to find their own happiness.

It all starts with a complimentary Colour Reading! You can go to my Contact Me page and request a complimentary Colour Reading for yourself. The video at the top of this page will show you just how much fun they can be!

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Here’s What My Clients Are Saying!

In ten minutes Suzie had me more focused than I’ve ever been before!
I love her down to earth, no bull approach.
In four weeks I’ve already seen a fantastic transformation of my inner chatter,
as well as my business is now booming.
That’s all thanks to Suzie. She is AWESOME!
Lisa Noble


Suzie’s positive life coaching assisted me in my recovery from depression.
Life coaching allowed me to feel good and be kind to myself.
Suzie was really easy to talk to and this is key to any psychological support!


I have been having life coaching sessions with Suzie Welstead for well over a year now and find Suzie to be very supportive and able to give suggestions to any situation or problem you may have. Suzie has given me ideas and ways to reduce anxiety and stress including breathing techniques and mindfulness sessions. I now feel more confident and able to deal with my life stressors. I can always rely on Suzie to keep me positive, which I can pass on to others. I have come a long way since I started sessions with Suzie.


My time with Suzie was marked by a simple conversation that had deep and lasting impact. I appreciated her compassion and candour and that it wasn’t cerebral. She focused on where I was at and our conversation cleared a few blocks that allowed me to have a bit more self-compassion as I was facing a difficult time. Thank you Suzie!
Maria-Helena, Canada


Suzie has been an amazing help in my life. She helped me when I came out of a dark relationship and helped me find happiness and meaning again. Suzie has also been a huge source of encouragement with my approach to parenting and how to deal with broken past issues. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. She’s amazing!
Mara Slater


Suzie’s mindfulness techniques have empowered me to chart a course from despair to enlightenment. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend anyone to use her knowledge and life experience skills.  
Chris Easom


Suzie uplifts, motivates, and nurtures women through life’s struggles—a total inspiration. I find the positive quotes that she shares, personally and in your Facebook group, to be very nurturing and encouraging. They are like a breath of fresh air. I have used Suzie’s 1:1 support, a few times, in order to overcome specific relationship challenges. She has quickly guided me to take the right path. I will be calling her monthly for ongoing care.
Kate Smith


Suzie’s bright positivity and wide range of creative techniques, as well as her understanding and compassion, really helped me to manage my anxiety and depression. She guided me so I could find my way both personally and professionally.
Clare Lawrence-Simms


Suzie made me realize that I spend all of my time caring for everyone else but myself. I detest bullying yet I was bullying myself. 
Kate Matthews

Suzie Welstead, known as Suzie Sunshine, is the…

Author of You Are Enough * Just Be You: Why? I Believe in YOU!

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